Glistening Perfection

Showroom New –it’s what comes to mind for most people if you ask them to think of a time when their car was ‘perfect’.  They envision a car that is pristine, unblemished and unmolested - Showroom New. Predictably, this is what many of my customers ask for. You want your car to look the way it did before it was beat down by the ravages of time and daily use. I totally understand.

I’ve been detailing cars for the better part of twenty years and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep an automobile looking its best. For example, I now know that there’s an enormous gulf between looking clean and being clean. A properly detailed car looks great not because it’s been washed and waxed but because its been carefully and skillfully attended to.

The human eye takes in hundreds of tiny details. What you experience when you see an expertly detailed car is a multitude of components working together to create a whole that is greater than the parts. No one single part is elevated above another—everything works together perfectly in symphony. This stunning aesthetic is what I endeavor to achieve on every car I work on. I am much more than a technician - I consider myself a craftsman and an artisan. Years of experience make me highly attuned to the tiniest of details. And I have an uncanny ability to make those details come together. I liken myself to a painter and your car is my canvas.

The years I've spent working on thousands of cars has led me to create a breakthrough system. I call it the Automobile Renewal System, or ARS. This system can help your car achieve that 'showroom finish', only better. Every car on the road, and some classics that may never see the road, fits into my system. This system is easy to understand and easy to implement. The individual components are designed to work together to ensure no vehicle leaves here without fully meeting a client's expectations. For my longtime customers who may have reservations about this new system, rest assured, you can expect the same results as before, if not better. I want to assure you that I'll continue to personally evaluate each and every car that comes through the shop. You'll find this new system is flexible enough to accommodate any special requests or needs.