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Automobile Renewal System

The ARS is broken down into four phases:

Phase 1 – Clarification 2-Dr : $125 4-Dr: $155 SUV: $195
Phase 2 – Rejuvenation 2-Dr : $495 4-Dr: $595 SUV: $695
Phase 3 – Detoxification 2-Dr : $795 4-Dr: $895 SUV: $995
Phase 4 – Concours Custom quote required

Every car that comes into the shop is evaluated to determine which phase best suits its current condition.

Phase 1 – Clarification

Your car is looking a little less than pristine. Your interior and exterior have been well cared for, but both have areas that need some touching up. The potential is there for your car to be great-looking, it just needs to be ‘revealed’. In this phase we’ll thoroughly hand wash your car and top it off with a coat of hand-applied carnauba wax. We’ll vacuum your carpets and do a light treatment of all interior surfaces, as well as clean your wheels and wheel wells to take care of any potentially damaging brake dust. We condition your tires and then do a final inspection. Clarification is what you might call regular maintenance-it’s intended primarily for cars that have already had a full detox (see Phase 3) and have no inherent problem areas.

Phase 2 – Rejuvenation

Your car is looking a little tired and worn. A few areas require more than just a cleaning – it's time to do some serious treatment to ensure the surfaces are looking their best and protected for the long term. Over time, your car will be face the ravages of time and exposure. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to prevent that. However, we can ensure both your interior and exterior are properly prepared to face that battle. Phase 2 is quite a bit more involved than Phase 1. In addition to everything we would normally do in a Clarification, we tend to many other areas that may require extra attention – door jams, trunk jams, fuel compartment, tail pipes and more. We clean, wax and polish your wheels. We clean and condition all of your surfaces: carpeting, leather, vinyl, chrome, rubber, plastic and wood. Think of this as a full-tune up – no major fixes but we make sure everything is 'topped off' and ensure the areas that require regular attention are being looked after.

Phase 3 – Detoxification

This phase is what we recommend for all our first time customers. Why? We want all the cars in our care to be at a certain baseline as we move forward with your program of vehicular care. Detoxification fixes certain problems on your vehicle that you may not even be aware of. That's because Detoxification works at the subsurface level. Detoxification is just what it implies - it removes potentially damaging substances from your paint and other critical surfaces. If left alone, dirt and other invisible contaminants will quickly hasten the deterioration of paint, leather, vinyl, chrome and more. Phase 3 incorporates all the processes in Phases 1 and 2 as well as a full clay bar on exterior paint and glass, light paint correction and polishing of all britework. We deep clean and treat all surfaces: leather, vinyl, plastic, chrome, wood, etc. We vacuum and shampoo your carpeting. We examine and clean the engine bay. Think of this phase as a complete servicing. We're treating all the critical interior and exterior surfaces on your vehicle as well as many areas that aren't visible. Your paint, your leather, all your rubber surfaces and trim even your glass and engine compartment are cleaned and treated. No surface is left unexamined.

Phase 4 – Concours

Most cars will never require a Phase 4. This is an elective process for very special cars. If you are preparing your car for competition or if you have a very rare car you want looking its absolute best, then this is the step for you. With our experience preparing award-winning cars for Pebble Beach and local Concours events, you are assured a competition ready finish. Every conceivable surface inside and out is cleaned, polished, treated or restored. Concours brings your car to as close a state of perfection as humanly possible. Phase 4 is by appointment only and we will require your vehicle for at least a week.

Your car is a long-term investment. You want it to be able to withstand time and the elements. We can't banish free radicals but we can certainly make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best defense against the consequences of wear and tear.

*Prices are for standard size vehicles. Oversize vehicles may require an additional fee. Any surcharges will be discussed with a client prior to any work being done.

Complementing Services offered by GP

  • Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Advanced Audio Design and Installation
  • Wheel Repair
  • Leather Repair